Winter checklist – avoiding frozen pipes

As the temperatures are reported to plummet this week I thought I’d share our Winter checklist to avoiding frozen pipes….

1. Locate your stop cock – This will normally be located below the kitchen sink, or wherever the water supply enters the home. Make sure you can access it and close it easily if you need to.

2. Drain your system  – If you’re planning on leaving the property unoccupied for a long period of time consider turning off the stop cock and drain the plumbing of both hot and cold water systems.

3. Keep the heat flowing – Keeping the thermostat at a normal setting overnight or while the property is unoccupied will help to keep the building temperature above freezing.

4. Check your plumbing – Remember, any damage to pipes happens if the water in them freezes; but the escape of water only happens when the frozen pipes thaw out. Checking pipes for signs of freezing or bursts such as leaking or dripping joints, will help you to react to a possible problem or nip it in the bud.

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