Northamptonshire Floods of 1998 Share your memories

I was just listening to BBC Radio Northampton, and thought I’d share this with you…

It’s nearly 20 years since the Easter floods of 1998 in Northampton and two decades on, BBC Radio Northampton is recording the memories of those affected.

I know I remember it very well, and how it affected a lot of people and their homes….

BBC Radio Northampton have two events advertised to share your memories of the Northamptonshire floods, so why not pop along and share how it affected you:



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  1. Lived in weedon at the time .
    We got lucky, only 18″ of water through my house,
    my mate 200 yds away had 4 feet.
    Have you ever seen a sofa float above your head? I hadn’t until then.

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