Concrete Build Buy to Let Northampton

As you will see if you click on the link to this property, there is a big notice on stating **CASH BUYERS ONLY PLEASE**.

Now that’s because this property is concrete built, which means it is usually difficult to get lending through a mortgage on a property built of non-traditional construction, however if you have cash to spend on your next investment then this one could be for you.

It’s a spacious house with three bedrooms, and would make a great family buy to let, which normally means a lower turnover of tenants, as families like to be settled rather than moving around every year – saving you money in re-letting fees!

I would agree with the selling estate agent Horts, that £800.00 is the right price for the rent per month, so if you paid £125,000 (the guide price) the rerun would be just short of 8%!

This isn’t going to be for everyone, but my advice would be… do your research, have a survey and consider the future saleability before you jump in!

I would love to hear your views

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